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There has always been a question, “PPC or SEO”?
Where should I invest “PPC or SEO”?

Its not that anyone is lesser than the other one. They both works well to improve your web presence and increasing traffic / hits to your website. As both of these options require money investment, you need to understand your requirement first. Here are few questions you need to answer:

1. Do you need instant results?
2. Can you wait for 3 or 6 or 12 months to be on first page?
3. Are you doing promotional / seasonal sale for a duration?

If your answer to above questions is ‘Yes’, you should definitely consider PPC and there is no reason to go to SEO. To quickly list down few benefits of PPC:
– Gives immediate online presence
– Have a new site? Have ads in an hour
– Start getting ROI sooner
– Great for seasonal items or time sensitive promotions
– Easily test effectiveness of new marketing message
– Regulate traffic volume
– Sales pipeline empty? Use PPC to push traffic
– Overloaded with enquiries? Pause campaigns

With PPC, you are in control whereas with SEO, the results are not in your control. SEO results would take time to get visible.

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