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About Us

Adding Real Value To Every Solution

Started in 2003, Kenovate Solutions is a strategic e-business solutions provider, delivering services tailored to unique needs of our clients including small businesses to large enterprises & transform -ing their business processes through technology innovations to deliver high quality solutions on time, on budget. Learn More »

Partners / Subsidiaries

Powerful Network Of Alliance

Kenovate has developed a powerful network of partners with their individual expertise to help customers building their businesses. Our alliances helps us deliver successful solutions and services in various different markets without a delay, be it a industry research or market analysis or press release distribution. Learn More »

Why Us?

Reduce Your Cost & Increase You Results

With our APM methodologies, you can reduce your cost of services, intellectual property, bringing product early to market, internet traffic with our team of experts. We add strategic value to your Search Marketing / Product Development because only an experienced partner can reduce down your cost and risk. Learn More »

What We Do?

Commitment Of Full Transparency

Backed with over 15 years of experience and passion, we eliminate waste & reworks, exceeding business & revenue, total insight consultation, validating & bringing your business idea to market, total transparency during the product development life cycle. Learn More »