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CSS style sheets have made it easier to handle web pages during web development. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets as the name suggests is a style sheet that allows you to easily link to other documents in your website. It allows you to retain control over the various elements in different web pages of your website.

CSS only defines the structure and content presentation of a website it has nothing to do with the design of a website. A single CSS sheet can control the font, positioning, colour and style information of an entire website.

Web pages are easier to load and uses less bandwidth
CSS style sheets are preferred by web developers for Website Development because they are lighter than table layouts, which consumes lots of bandwidth. The style sheet is downloaded only once and stored in the cache memory, so subsequent pages load faster.

  • » A CSS style sheet compliments well with HTML
  • » CSS allows you to position your element anywhere in the webpage
  • » CSS is compatible with all web browsers
  • » CSS can be used to create print friendly web pages
  • » CSS style sheets allows the user to customize the webpage
  • » CSS style sheets makes it easier for your website to feature in search engines
  • » CSS allows the web pages to have absolute consistency
  • » CSS lends portability to content
  • » A CSS style sheet compliments well with HTML

CSS allows you to redefine the characteristics of elements in a website to suit the need of the situation. Usage of CSS makes things easier for your website and also to give you control over different elements in your website.

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