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The Kenovate Solutions is designed to help owners of small and medium-sized businesses identify, understand and overcome the challenges they will face on a daily basis for the implementation of their technology ideas and promotion. By leveraging the benifits of our technology & market experts, we create a business environment in which new ventures flourish and communities are strengthened.

Kenovate Solutions was started in 2003. Today, we operate from our technology enabled infrastructure office in Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi and providing services to our global customers.

About Company
Kenovate Solutions is a strategic e-business solutions provider, delivering services tailored to the unique needs of a variety of clients including small businesses to large enterprises. Kenovate helps organizations transform their business processes through technology innovation. Kenovate works in collaboration with clients to deliver high quality solutions on time, on budget.

We deliver website design and development, custom web application development, advanced web programming, portal development, outsourcing web development and search engine optimization services. With our solid domain experience, technical expertise and profound knowledge, we continue to deliver latest industry trends and quality-driven successful implementation of end-to-end web solutions. The web development process at Kenovate and team’s techno-knowledge helps to innovate & create higher level of reliability in our solutions. While you focus on your core business process, we strengthen your services.

The growth of a company is invariably determined not just by its strategy, but on how it responds to the challenges it encounters. Over the years, Kenovate Solutions has successfully encountered several challenges that have come to its way. Our knowledge, innovations and continuous improvement has enabled us to convert challenges into opportunities resulting in happy and ecstatic customers. It is also the very culture that will propel Kenovate Solutions to continue on the roads of growth in the years to come. – Sameer Varshney, CEO Kenovate Solutions

Our Team
We have a team of highly skilled professional with an experience of over 20+ years in the field of information technology. With years of focus on specific segment of technology, we have achieved expertise and high competency level in our segment.

Kenovate solutions include complex CMS (Content Management System) solutions, Ecommerce solutions and shopping cart software, personalized portal experiences, Payment gateway support, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions and many more.

Our Mission
To build technolgy solutions & provide services to maximize your return on investment, in sequence with your business objectives.

Discuss Your Project With Us
Please contact us at info@kenovate.com or Click here to learn more about how Kenovate Solutions can create a custom eCommerce Shopping Website development plan tailored to your store.