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Just focus on recruitment

CVMS Pro will do magic with managing your candidates, vacancies & history!

Let your team of recruiters focus on matching potential candidates with potential employers rather than managing, searching and keeping track of past conversations (over Outlook Emails or Phone). Let recruiters search a prospective candidate from entire centralized database rather than individual Excels.


CVMS Pro is for your team – and for the whole company!

You can work with everyone on CVMS Pro. All your recruiting staff can simultaneously add new candidate profiles, work on multiple vacancies – shortlisting, interview scheduling, appointment & rejection. Every team member can see past history of processings / interations with candidate. Simpler to use the system which work the way you work.

CVMS Pro streamlines your work & makes it easy!

CVMS Pro adds a value to your type of businesses. With the sense of how recruiment companies work and manage their data currently, CVMS Pro makes your life easier. Your candidate profiles are always available with each of your recruiting staff along with the past history of conversations. No one is dependent on other staff member for their updated Excel sheet. No need to merge Excel sheet every week or at month-end. Don’t need to ask team member about history on a candidate. All tracking can be viewed just on a click basis.

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