1. We shape your ideas

    Discover how, Kenovate's experience help transforming a technology business idea into reality sooner with Agile methodology of implementation.

  2. We build process solutions

    Have built 1000s of business automations to streamline internal processes for better efficiency everytime.

  3. We help creating audience

    A great platform built for HP India to create a single point buzzroom for Bloggers, Journalists & others for product, PR & media updates.

  4. Web Marketing via SEO/SEM

    We help businesses to be listed higher in search engine results for the targeted keywords and get more visual impressions.

Customer Testimonial

  1. I maintain the same level of trust, confidence and communication with KS team as I do with my in-house employees. And since it's a financial data, confidentiality is not always trusted.

    Vivek Pathak
    Service Delivery Manager
    Standard Chartered Bank

  2. Our visions have been successfully implemented and adapted for our release upgrades very well. We consider it valuable for any startup.

    Harish Saklani
    Karun Enterprises

  3. Besides being personable and easy to work with, their expertise, professionalism and systematic approach for developing an idea into an actual business has been a dream.

    Patricia Buxton Dakides

  4. They really helped me focus on the basics of my business, something that is often overlooked by startup entrepreneurs who often think three steps ahead and skip the initial and essential steps needed to succeed in business.

    James Kessler
    Founder / CEO.

  5. I'm very impressed with their processes and their collaborative project management tool Syncromatic. They achieved in 2 months what our previous developer couldn't do in 2 years!

    Myra Box

Project Portfolio